Cansu’s Studio

Light design

Cansu is a PhD student in biology also interested in painting, photography and social medias. Her style is very pop, extravagant and fun: absolutely the client we were looking for!  

Even though the studio has a large window that takes the space of a side of the room, the light is usually weak, both for the presence of big trees in the garden but also because of the Dutch weather. 

We were looking for a special place to illuminate with our new lamp Melllt. Melllt was created in order to reuse the wasted material coming from our failed printing trials and prototypes. In fact, 3D printing requires a lot of learning coming from experimenting and making mistakes. 

What is special about Melllt? Every piece is unique and characterized by different patterns, colors, shape, and dimension depending on the material available. As a mold, we use daily objects such as pots, bowls, and glasses as well as shapes modelled by us. Melllts are connected to power through  blue electrical wires that draw dynamic lines around the room.  

Driven by this arty project, we provide the room of a multi-color Hollywood vanity mirror. A series of spherical lights runs around the perimeter of the mirror and, controlled by an Arduino, offer various modes and ambiences.  

Cansu’s studio finally is brightened up and she can enjoy a new, illuminated and funky space.    



I'm an interior, graphic, and research designer. I got my bachelor's degree in interior design in Politecnico di Milano in 2014. After, I worked as an intern for Michael Bihain's Architecture and Design Studio in Brussels. I got my master's degree in MIARD (Interior Architecture: Research + Design) in 2018. I'm currently living in Rotterdam (NL) and working as freelancer and for Hola Studio.