Thorium Lamp

One off

A lamp that is simple at first glance, yet its reflections force you to stare for a while, to discover more angles.

It’s inspired by the Thorium plant. Quite common one and have been growing one in my Rotterdam apartment for over 3 years. Always amazed by it and how much it changes over time.

Same applies to the lamp. Natural light and the light from its bulb create various levels of shadows and colour.

It will fit perfectly at eye level on a wall, so you can glance at it every now and then. Tried it on the table also, where it can be a nice centre-piece.

It is easy to be taken apart for basic dust removal and can take any LED bulb, but we recommend here a dark / grey one with over 10cm diameter or a long tube bulb.

Completely recyclable, made by 3D printing PLA plastic, a type of plastic made from corn and other bio materials, therefore also compostable.

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