COVID-19 Bot

Fighting with light

You probably know our Simple Sockets by now, otherwise check this link first to understand what they are. Basically a simple and modular lighting system.

Say Hola to Zoli!

Zoli, a designer at Hola, decided to fight it his own way, with light.

Covid-19 Bot was born. An attachment for our Simple Sockets, that you can print yourself at home. Get the files here.

The result is pretty crazy: a cute little bot light. Check the pictures below.

You can easily upgrade it also to literally fight germs and bacteria, by having the bulb in the UV spectrum. But be careful, most UV lamps won’t destroy viruses and can be harmful to you. Here’s an article on that.



"Hola and hope you enjoyed it. Hope you'll try on these things as well and that you're feeling inspired. I will continue to write about what we're making."