Hola for Greyheads

Outfit implement

Greyheads is a Rotterdam “sextet that effortlessly mixes funk, rock, soul, jazz and hip hop” ( and this year was invited to North Sea Jazz Festival, “the largest indoor music festival in the world, known globally as the event where the past, present and future of jazz are featured” ( in the beautiful location of Ahoy, Rotterdam. 

Their exhibitions include not-ordinary and amazing music and outfits. For such event, the leader Nello Biasini wanted to implement the performance with an accessorie that screamed Greyheads. We designed and produced an unlimited edition Trippy Glasses influenced by the cover of their debut album Kytopia. 



I'm an interior, graphic, and research designer. I got my bachelor's degree in interior design in Politecnico di Milano in 2014. After, I worked as an intern for Michael Bihain's Architecture and Design Studio in Brussels. I got my master's degree in MIARD (Interior Architecture: Research + Design) in 2018. I'm currently living in Rotterdam (NL) and working as freelancer and for Hola Studio.