Trippy Night

The new fun

Do you like to have fun? Stupid question, I know, but then you’ll obviously like these.

Explore lights, explore motion, explore the world differently.

Best part is that they won’t break, so you can take them in extreme conditions (uh uhm, raves too). They’re fully made of super flexible plastic, TPU to be exact (except the lenses). It’s the same material you might have on roller skates wheels, so you can imagine it’s tough. So tough and flexible that you can bend the temples (arms) 180 degrees and wear them inverted. Bam, show me Raybans that do this.

It was a bit tricky nailing down the process for them, as TPU is a tough material to 3D print with, and they are fully 3D printed (again, except the lens). The benefits tho: lightweight, since you can see below that it’s partially empty inside (magic of 3D printing infill). We’ve been testing them for months, even on a trip to Italy this New Year’s and our minds got blown before we could feel anything on the nose or ears.

As you’ll see, these ones are also tested with friends and strangers, because we wanted honest emotions and feedback from both. After each, we adapted them, until we got something cool that anyone can enjoy.

Anyone because they’re adjustable with a 3cm max difference and bigger than normal glasses, so you can wear them above your regulars, or under those big glasses with beers.

Choose between simple white, which you can paint as you wish, or one on which we put our imprint.

We’ll continue to explore in this direction, so stay tuned for more and leave some feedback if you have ideas.



"Hola and hope you enjoyed it. Hope you'll try on these things as well and that you're feeling inspired. I will continue to write about what we're making."