Trippy Day

A new daily experience.

Trippy Day are sunglasses and our goal is to combine different materials and make them work together. Starting from wasted materials such as plastic or wood sheets, we decided to give them a new life by giving them a new shape. That’s how the frame is created.

You have to opportunity to choose between different colors and textures that will create your new sunglasses. Finally, thanks to the 3D printed TPU flexible joints, especially designed by Hola, the experience can start. In fact, beside the polarized lenses, that will protect your eyes from the UV lights, Trippy Day will give you the opportunity to experience a new environment, where lights took over by showing all the shades of it.

Thought especially for daily events such as festivals (if you are from the Netherlands you know what I mean), concerts or party, Trippy Day can be used also to enjoy a walk, the afternoon at the beach, or just having lunch in your garden, in a new manner.

We tested our product with friends or strangers in party or more chilled environments, always receiving good feedbacks. The best experiment was during Christmas holidays. Walking through the streets of Naples and Rome wearing Trippy Day was amazing and so funny. Moreover, the Christmas lights placed around the city and the awesome sunny days augmented the effect of being in a new world.

This product can completely change the perception of our daily world, translating it in a psychedelic and colourful experience.



"Hola and hope you enjoyed it. Hope you'll try on these things as well and that you're feeling inspired. I will continue to write about what we're making."