and everyone, this is Hola!

It all started as an experiment with different light in photography. The first gallery below is with some of my early pictures, trying to understand light, in all of its shapes, sizes, forms, colours, shades, etc.

So light … why light?

It’s what makes this amazing world visible, it’s why we have colours in the sky, flowers and on the Red light district. Of course it’s cool. But I think it’s overlooked.

Imagine that light interacts with everything in our world and it’s the fastest traveling thing, yet look around you now and tell me how are you using this available super-power.

This is the reason for Hola. It’s a complete exploration into light.

Troll: So then why is your first product glasses, shouldn’t you make a light? DUH
Me: Check everything through the glasses and count how many new lights you see.

We look forward to seeing you enjoy our stuff, it’s going to be quite an adventure.
Until then, I leave you with more pictures from our inspirations.

(BTW, I can’t explain what light is in a post, but I’ll leave this video for you to watch.)



"Hola and hope you enjoyed it. Hope you'll try on these things as well and that you're feeling inspired. I will continue to write about what we're making."