This speculative scenario explores the potential future relation between human and machine, using social media as a tool to present it. Transhumanism argues that the human species has not yet reached its final evolution, and that artificial enhancement of the human body and mind will help mankind to reach a new evolutionary stage. The aim of this paper is to explore the current and prospective developments of the technology that facilitate such enhancement, embedded in the transhumanism theories, and how they will influence the future of interiors, which will serve to recreate the framework of my speculative scenario.



I'm an interior, graphic, and research designer. I got my bachelor's degree in interior design in Politecnico di Milano in 2014. After, I worked as an intern for Michael Bihain's Architecture and Design Studio in Brussels. I got my master's degree in MIARD (Interior Architecture: Research + Design) in 2018. I'm currently living in Rotterdam (NL) and working as freelancer and for Hola Studio.