Designed table lamp
inspired by one
of Saturn’s moons

design by Thomas Galvan

Rhea is composed of four elements
that you can easily disassemble,
bring with you,
and personalize every space
you inhabit during your journey.

As Saturn’s moon, Rhea can rotate her light and adapt to different scenarios. Her light’s direction can vary according to Saturno’s inclination.
Saturno is the light,
Rhea is the satellite turning around it.

As Saturn’s moon, Rhea wants to rotate around you and can change her light features depending on your needs. She can have a direct light if you need to read and work, while can turn and be less intense if you want to relax.

Rhea is not in stock.
She will be made through an exclusive production on-demand only.
So she is one and unique Rhea.

Rhea is 3D printed from two PLA filaments.
PLA is polylactic acid, a biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources.

Rhea comes with a specific light bulb precisely selected for her design.
The included light bulb is a high efficient LED light bulb with the following features:

- G95 globe bulb

- 2100K warm white

- 4 Watt LED

- gold filament

Pictures by Anna Giulia Gregori.