Ola for Hola

Interactive display

In collaboration with Hohum Lab we designed Ola, an interactive display for our Trippy Night. We wanted something funny and not just watchable but also usable because, beside our passion for lights, we also like to play and experiment with other elements.

The user can interact with Ola, a silver-skinned mannequin, by twisting her strawberries which, connected through an Arduino, change the intensity, colors and rhythm of the lights placed in her eyes. Looking into the eyes of Ola gives the same feeling that Trippy Night gives while wearing them. Moreover, she creates a different interaction between the user and the product.


Pictures by Agnese Pellino



I'm an interior, graphic, and research designer. I got my bachelor's degree in interior design in Politecnico di Milano in 2014. After, I worked as an intern for Michael Bihain's Architecture and Design Studio in Brussels. I got my master's degree in MIARD (Interior Architecture: Research + Design) in 2018. I'm currently living in Rotterdam (NL) and working as freelancer and for Hola Studio.