A table lamp inspired
by an ancient form
of lighting:
the oil lamp

design by Livia Stacchini

As the oil lamp, Queen is composed of different components:
the metal body of the oil lamp is
replaced by the 3D printed bioplastic,
the oil-based source by LED,
and the glass around by the light bulb itself.

As the oil lamp, Queen is designed to be nicely held in your hand and the power button precisely positioned to be easily switched on.

As the oil lamp, Queen wants to be next to you in the most intimate moment of your day. Queen is on your liquor table for the last drink of the night, she is on your bedside table before you go to sleep, she is on your windowsill when you look for the stars.

As an ancient oil lamp, Queen is not in stock.
She will be made through an exclusive production on-demand only.
So she is the one and unique Queen.

Queen is 3D printed from various PLA filament.
PLA is polylactic acid, a biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources.

Queen comes with a specific light bulb precisely selected for her design.
The included light bulb is a high efficient LED light bulb with the following features:

- 400 lumens bulb

- 2100K warm white

- 4.5 Watt LED

- gold filament

Pictures by Anna Giulia Gregori.