Ombra is a designed

table lamp, inspired

by cuteness

As a small cute pet, Ombra needs your love and your touch.

As she feels your warm caress, she will show her gratitude through a color-changing effect.

Her black colour changes when

her temperature is above 29° C

so holding her in your hand

or caressing her will turn her

in an opaque grey.

As a lively pet, Ombra expects you to interact and play with her. Ombra’s tail is her power button, and her head the light.

As a loyal pet, Ombra wants to be close to you wherever you are.
She will be your company when you work, when you read a book or when you chill on your couch.

Ombra is not in stock, she's unique.
She will be born through an exclusive production on-demand only.
Your pet lamp.

3D printed from a colour-changing PLA filament, a biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources.

Ombra comes with a specific light bulb precisely selected for her design.
The included light bulb is a high efficient LED light bulb with the following features

topaz grey

2200K sunset white

4 Watt LED

gold filament