Make it Trippy

With our Trippy glasses

First of all, the picture clearly represents the shadow of both glasses, since their shape is exactly the same.

Done with different materials, techniques and lenses. Both with the same purpose: to let you enjoy lights and surroundings differently.

You get extra benefits tho. First of all, it’s an exploration, you get to see the composition of light and its motion, all live and interacting. That’s cool.

Then you get a product that’s been made and tested by people that really enjoy it and wear it almost every day, trying to find new ways to see light.

Both have 3D printed joints, TPU, durable, and leaving a flexible, no points of failure design. We dropped both from >2m on concrete, without any damage on the Trippy Night, but of course scratches on wood for the Trippy Day.

You can check out more on each below.

We developed both from a mistake actually. I was fixing my gf’s phone and kind of fucked the screen. Oops. Took the broken screen apart, saw crazy effects when using my phone light. Did some searches online, found it’s caused by a polarised filter applied to the screen. I will write something about this later.

Already been experimenting with some materials and techniques, I wanted to make this effect visible everywhere. I wear eyeglasses since I was 5, so obviously a good choice. Bam 3D model, print some tests, laser cut some filters, first prototypes ready.

Took at least 3 months and 20 tests to get to the right mix for both in rigidity, flexibility, fit, adaptability and a nice experience. Hope you like them and let me know if you want to know more.

PS: I will also write a post later on how I use my phone to discover light as well and what you should try at home!



"Hola and hope you enjoyed it. Hope you'll try on these things as well and that you're feeling inspired. I will continue to write about what we're making."